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Border Reivers, are one of three professional teams in Scotland, Edinburgh and Glasgow Warriors are the other two. Reivers were formed originally in 1999 but merged with Edinburgh for a short time and resurrected in 2002 when they also joined the Celtic league for the first time. The short life of the club reflects the major changes professional rugby brought to the game north of the borders.

Stadium for Border Reivers

Border Reivers play their home matches at Netherdale, Nether Road, Galashiels TD1 3HE with a capacity of around 6,000. This capacity as well as the lower population means the side will probably continue to be short of funds and although reaching the heights of Heineken Rugby Cup competition will probably never feature in the final stages.

Reivers Rugby Club Jersey

Reivers play their home games in an outfit of white shirts with black shorts and socks and away they wear red shirts with the black shorts but white socks. The outfit has been donned already by some well known faces in the modern game for example: Chris Cusiter, Simon Danielli, Gary Armstrong and Gregor Townsend.

Border Reivers have a proud heritage as the area hosted the first rugby union league in the world of rugby and it contained well known clubs from the amateur era: Gala, Melrose and Hawick who still perform in the top leagues in Scotland. Reivers will not be featuring as winners of any competitions until they can find an influx of cash to help them strengthen the squad.

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