Muscle Bar

Capture the power of Cyclone in the first ever muscle bar with; Creatine, HMB™, Glutamine & whey protein.

Serious Punch

These bars not only taste good, but pack a serious punch too. They are the strongest & most potent muscle building bars you can buy. Each bar delivers 23g of protein, 5g Creatine, 1.5g HMB™ (Enzymatic Metabolite of Leucine) and 2g Glutamine, with a real dark Belgian chocolate coating and a soft fluffy centre. Cyclone bars are an ideal alternative to powders to support your muscle building and strength goals, which when used in conjunction with your weight training regime, could increase your muscle size and strength. After intense training Cyclone Bars accelerate muscle refuelling, with faster recovery of glycogen stores than carbohydrates alone. If not taking Cyclone powder, take 2 bars a day. Available in Chocolate flavour.

Key Benefits

A great bulk up, strength and power bar. With a coating of real Belgian chocolate and 23g of protein per bar all in an easy to eat soft centre.

Why Cyclone over others

Its the Most potent bar with 23g whey protein per bar. It has a potent formula that works with great tasting flavour so there is nothing else like them. Providing 10g of Creatine per 2 bars, 4g of Glutamine and 3g of HMB™ (Enzymatic Metabolite of Leucine).