It is important adequate fluid is taken to prevent dehydration as dehydration affects performance. Fluids should be taken regularly and not just when thirsty. Drinks such as water and weak squash will help to prevent dehydration. Isotonic drinks, however, are absorbed faster and the carbohydrate in the drink provides energy which will help to prevent fatigue. The temperature or fizzyness of the drink does not matter. Choose a drink you enjoy and drink in large quantities. Avoid drinks containing caffeine, coke, tea, coffee etc as caffeine stimulates urine output and therefore causes dehydration.


Drink plenty of water, squash or fruit juice.

During match/training

Have regular intake of water or a mix 50/50 water and Isotronic drink.


Replace fluid lost with isotonic drink, squash, diluted fruit juice. ISOTONIC DRINKS include Lucozade Sport, Gatorade, Isostar or alternatively make your own. Using either 200mls orange squash,a litre of water and a pinch of salt or 5OOmls fruit juice, 500mls water and a pinch of salt.

ALCOHOLIC DRINKS Alcohol should not be the first fluid intake following exercise.