Whey protein - Progain

Progain is a whey protein product which mixes instantly with water and is easy to drink. Great for anyone looking to bulk up or add size. It is Britain's no.1 selling weight gainer for packing on muscle and size.

Add Calories

Add extra high quality calories to your diet just what you want to build muscle size and strength. Progain contains the same Biomax™ whey protein found in Promax, which is exclusive to Maximuscle. Combined with resistance training, whey protein has been shown to increase muscle size and improve exercise performance. Progain also contains MCTs, a unique form of fat which is less likely to be stored as body fat than long chain triglycerides. Progain includes Nutriose and Inulin, two unique low glycemic carbohydrates that don't raise blood sugar and insulin levels, like sugar laden weight gainers do. Progain then includes the anabolic environment support formula, 'Nitrogain' a blend of NAC, Taurine, chromium and glutamine peptides. Take Progain every day with your weight training programme to achieve your size goals.

Key Benefits

Easy to digest 453 calories per serving, with excellent 32g of whey protein per serving. It is not cheap protein or simple carbs, but Contains Nitrogain™ a blend of: Taurine, NAC, Glutamine peptides & Chromium, plus Orotic acid, making it virtually zero in lactose.

Why buy

It is Easy to drink and instantly mixes with water, having the best flavours you will have tried in weight gainers. Being a high quality formula with no sucrose or fructose it has the advantage of not giving you wind or stomach upsets.