Protein Boost

Need a protein boost but want to keep the calories down, Promax Meal Bars contain 21g protein and 5.7g of fibre in a 60g bar with less than 3g of saturated fat. Making them great tasting high protein but low-carb and only 206 calorie bars.

Feel Full

Promax Meal Bars provide you with easy to digest protein anytime of the day when you need it, making them ideal to take as a recovery bar and result in faster muscle refuelling than eating carbohydrates alone. Each bar is low carb but high in fibre, filling the gap much better than ordinary chocolate bars or sweets.

Why Meal Bars

With 21g of whey protein,5.7g fibre and Less than 3g of saturated fat per bar, plus a real dark Belgian chocolate coating which has high cocoa content but Virtually lactose free,Low sodium, Low carb and Only 206 calories per bar! Stick them in your gym bag, at work or in the car and you will always have high quality protein when you need it. With 2 superb flavours, you'll never get bored of the taste either.