Super 14 Shirts

The Super 14 is administered by SANZAR a joint organisation that also controls the tri-nations. The competition of the Super 14 is the southern hemispheres joint professional rugby competition, consisting of provincial teams from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The fourteen sides all compete against one another, with no divisional or pool system. Each team plays 13 games during the regular season which runs for fourteen weeks. The four top teams then play knock-out semi-finals with the top two sides hosting forth and third place respectively.

The Super 14 commenced in 2006 and was an expansion of the Super 12 which came into existence in 1996. As implied by the name the change was the inclusion of new franchises in Australia and South Africa giving the current structure of 4 Australian, 5 New Zealand and 5 South African clubs. The competition does not have promotion or relegation but is still considered the most spectacular rugby for the spectator, possibly aided by the majority of games being played in good conditions.

Rebel Sport, Vodacom & Investec Super 14

Whereas the English Premier League is sponsored by Guinness and the Celtic League by Magners the Super 14 has three sponsors one from each participating country. This means in Australia it is the Investec Super 14, New Zealand the Rebel Sport Super 14 and South Africa the Vodacom Super 14. The competition is broadcast worldwide and is popular viewing. This produces a considerable demand for merchandise particularly in replica shirts.

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